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Education Consulting & Advisory

Consulting & Advisory - Local & Overseas / International Studies, Job Placements & Internship Matcmaking

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What We Do

Education Advisory/Organizer TRAINING (TRAINEE /INTERNSHIP/'MAGANG')

If you are a student and wish to take and gain some practical experience in your field that gives you the opportunity to gain international credentials, and experience in your resume, then you can speak to one of our consultants.

It will be become halfway between a dream and an ambition for a long time. You are fortunate, “The More You Learning and Training, The More Interesting and Experience You Get”.

We are proud to support you in gaining;

  • Excellence in Training and Working Experience
  • Oone Step up In Training And Working Experience For Your Career Leader
What We Do

Management Training Program

Management skills training is often promoted as a way for talented young managers to push their potential to be ready to take on greater responsibilities and exciting new challenges.

Management skills training will help you increase your knowledge and awareness of current business situations and economic conditions.

Good management training program will help you review business fundamentals.

What We Do

International Job Search /Placement Services & Career Advisory

This service deals with job search support and placement services that helps our clients find the right job in the right country and organisation.

In addition to visa documentation we offer overseas placement assistance to people who would like to work in developed nations, re-write the CVs, and prepare them for Interviews and assessments.

We also provide people with job clarity and understanding career path regarding jobs in other countries.