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Paid Internship Matchmaking

Internships Program Development / On The Job Training Interns Matcmaking

TTake advantage of young energy, caring nature, and new knowledge brought by international students & learners from in different segments of Hospitality, Tourism, & Events.


Why choose us and how do we help you as an individual?

We are partnering with several companies & organisations who are keen to provide learning opportunities and hire interns particularly in Hospitality, Tourism, and Events and in several industries. We will help you in identifying your needs for learning and find you with an organisation/company that will allow you to grow and support you in your career endeavours in the field you chose. We will match your requirements with organisations on our network and we will prepare and assist you from start to end of your career training/placement and learning journey.

We will advise you and take care in screening the roles and the employers. We will also guide you on documentations required for compliance with the Labour Law and Training/Learning Regulations of the countries and the employer policies.