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For Organisations / Companies

CCSD-GROUP can support you in finding the right placement for your internship or further studies abroad or locally. As a Trustee Advisor and Consultant for Students and Employee who wish to go into Studying, Training or Working abroad worldwide, we guide you to Prospects Training Organisations, Employers and/or Providers that will help you gain more knowledge and learn new skills abroad.

We will establish an introduction between you and the potential organisations and assess your safety and suggest good countries for you to study or be an intern on.

Whether you are coming from different schools or colleges or you wanted to enrol first to our local and international Programs, we can help you achieve your goals.

Our Services

For Companies & Employers

If you are thinking about Loyal, Caring, Professional, Committed, Motivated, Educated, Strong and Hard Working staffing and team from international background, Our students/trainee from Indonesia can add value to your company and organisation.

We train our students on international and local standards in order to bridge the gap from learning the principles and application of the practical knowledge to the physical and actual work.

CCSD Group acts as your Consultant & Adviser in order to get the right young trainee who will fit your organisations interns.

CCSD-GROUP has Partner and Related School / College / University all around Indonesia, so we have many Students, Trainees, Staffs or Candidates. You have many choices to be selected.

Our Services

Internships Program / On The Job Training Matchmaking

Take advantage of young energy, caring nature, and new knowledge brought by international students & learners from Indonesia.

If you are keen to know about the interns and their capabilities, click below.